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Sean Hudson

Sean is eager to help young entrepreneurs and creative individuals find their way to building something great. His own experience has given him unique insights to the ups and downs of choosing a meaningful career path; tech founder at a failed startup; wandering freelancer; back to school in his twenties; mid-level grunt at a large corporation; tech founder at a growing startup. Each path was unique not only in what it required of a person to pursue earnestly, but also in what it felt like when it was time to move on. This insight has helped him guide others to find their own way.Sean is a UBC trained Integrated Engineer, passionate about building the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem, and active in the Vancouver startup & tech scene. His experience at the Next 36 left such an impact that he will always be an active ambassador of the program - title or not! As an ambassador for the Next program, his mission is to find the right candidates and help them get to Selection Weekend, so get in touch if you're looking for input.

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