Waterloo-based Myo technology shows up in Netflix’s Lost in Space trailer

Feb 26, 2018

Gesture control, Will Robinson, gesture control. The date announcement trailer for Netflix’s 2018 reboot of the 1960’s sci-fi hit Lost in Space features a uniquely Canadian technology.

In a brief scene located around the 0:25 mark, viewers are shown a clip of Waterloo-based Thalmic Labs’, co-founded by Next 36 alum Stephen Lake, gesture-control armband. 

The clip is relatively short, but it showcases the armband’s ability to sense movement and respond by carrying out some kind of action through a connected device. 

While Myo advertises itself as a way for users to control slideshow presentations or fly drones, the Myo band in the Lost in Space trailer shows a man with an amputated arm controlling a prosthesis. Those interested in learning more about Thalmic Labs’ work using the Myo armband to control prosthetic devices can watch the video linked below.

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