This recycling robot at Vancouver International Airport uses AI to sort your recyclables

May 29, 2019

Are coffee cups recyclable? Can this paper packaging go into the recycle bin? Where should this bubble wrap go?

A robot, created by NextAI alumni Hassan Murad and Vivek Vyas, at YVR can now answer these questions for you.

Most people try their best to recycle and it can often be a confusing process, which is why Vancouver International Airport recently introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) sensor that oversees a cluster of smart waste bins at a central location within the terminal building.

This AI, called Oscar, has an artificial intelligence powered camera that automatically identifies recycling from trash and instructs users on whether it belongs in the compost bin, paper bin, or landfill stream bin. Oscar can differentiate between items that are partly obscuring one another and prioritize which ones to instruct users about first.

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