North is Thalmic's Secret Smart Glasses Play

Sep 24, 2018

Earlier this week, BetaKit first reported that Kitchener-Waterloo wearables startup Thalmic (Co-founded by Next36'er Stephan Lake) had been issued multiple patents pertaining to a wearable device utilizing holographic technology. BetaKit also provided additional details on the product, including the need for users to have the device fitted to their face, and Thalmic’s plans to operate physical retail outlets to facilitate this process.

Today, BetaKit can reveal more information about Thalmic’s smart glasses and its new consumer-facing brand, North.

Claiming that “your smartest pair of glasses is coming” (emphasis theirs), North’s webpage states its smart glasses will include feature support for texting, navigation, calendar functionality, and “more.” Images on the website display what appears to be normal-looking eyeglasses, save for minor thickening along the temple (more on this later).

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