NF Morgan Wyatt won Arthur J.E. Child Award, Toronto endocrinologist named 2018 Principal Award winner by Manning Foundation

Oct 04, 2018

When people ask Dr. Daniel Drucker what he does for a living, he tells them he’s an endocrinologist and studies hormones – “thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, testosterone, estrogen, all diabetes, obesity … That’s usually when [people] walk away.”

Dr. Drucker’s work hasn’t made him a celebrity on the Toronto social scene, but it has drawn serious praise for its origination and impact. Having received the Order of Canada three years ago for his advancements in the treatment of diabetes, the Toronto scientist has been named the 2018 Principal Award winner by the Ernest C. Manning Foundation. The award, which was to be formally announced Wednesday, highlights Dr. Drucker’s achievement in assisting people with short bowel syndrome, a disorder resulting in malabsorption of fluids and food due to a resection of the small intestine.

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