#NEXTalks: The AI Oligarchy by Dr. Foteini Agrafioti

Sep 21, 2017

NEXTalks features thoughts on entrepreneurship, innovation and giving from the NEXT Canada network. The goal of the NEXTalks series is to spark dialogue around important issues related to innovation and technology.

We tend to throw the word “disruption” around a bit too loosely in tech. Like the boy who cried wolf, there’s risk in not paying attention when something truly disruptive comes around.

If artificial intelligence delivers on its promises, it will be a force that can move society forward. This is not an understatement. With applications across healthcare, climate, transportation, financial services, education, and more, AI has the potential to become a fundamental element of human society, and ours a rare generation in history that gets to live such a seismic transition.

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