NextAI Scientist in Residence Devinder Kumar wants to open the 'Black Box' of Financial AI

Dec 05, 2017

Forecast is a series exploring the future of AI and automation in a variety of different sectors—from the arts to city building to finance—to find out what the latest developments might mean for humanity's road ahead. We'll hear from Nikolas Badminton, David Usher, Jennifer Keesmaat, Heather Knight, Madeline Ashby and Director X, among others. Created by Motherboard in partnership with Audi.

In the world of finance, every second counts. With billions of dollars traded every day on stock markets around the world, financial institutions look for every competitive edge they can.

Enter artificial intelligence. Some financial firms use AI to model scenarios for their capital plans, while others use it to scan for stock patterns or even as a simple chat bot to assist clients with day-to-day banking.

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