NextAI alum venture Intuitive is using artificial intelligence to achieve zero waste

Apr 30, 2019

Artificial intelligence technologies can be used to help buildings buildings and spaces track their waste in real-time and engage users by nudging them to correctly sort their waste.

However, this vision has some major challenges:

  1. The ever-increasing volume and complexity of waste as a result of the constant increase in commercial consumerism makes it difficult for the public to recycle properly. For instance, a coffee cup will typically have three components (plastic lid, cardboard sleeve, and paper cup) that need to be sorted and disposed three different bins.
  2. Differences in recycling guidelines among regions and municipalities which hinder effectiveness of recycling policies as well as the lack of standardization among cities, primarily driven by:
    1. Local haulers’ recycling tech and capabilities.
    2. The current recycling market, i.e, possibility of up-cycling materials.
    3. Frequent manual waste audits conducted by facilities prove to be costly, lengthy, labor-intensive and misleading.

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