NextAI alum venture Curv makes motion to hire in Halifax

Oct 30, 2018

Shea Balish’s work is taking him to Barcelona and Atlanta, and soon it’ll bring him back home.

Balish, 31, a native of Lockeport, is a co-founder of Curv, a company that has developed a platform to let the video camera on a mobile device be used as a diagnostic tool for measuring human movement.

Earlier this year, Curv won the NFL’s First and Futures innovation competition, with a prize of $50,000 and tickets to the Super Bowl. Now it’s signed a deal with giant Japanese shoe maker ASICS.

“They’ve started a — I guess you could say an incubator — in Barcelona. We’re working right now on an interesting pilot with them,” Balish said from his company offices in Toronto. “Right now they have these tools to measure gaits, to recommend shoes based on how you actually run, and they use this antiquated hardware. They require a treadmill, they require these wearables and sensors, so they can’t take them to marketing events at marathons. They have them in retail stores but they cost a lot, they can’t take them on line, either.”

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