NEXT supporter and Hubba's Ben Zifkin says Canada can't rely on potential to become a global tech hub

Jun 13, 2018

Canada’s tech ecosystem might be under the spotlight with the rise of scaling companies and a budding AI sector, but this spotlight will not last if the country doesn’t do more to maintain it, according to Ben Zifkin, the founder and CEO of Hubba.

In a recent Twitter thread, Zifkin shared his concerns about what is keeping Canada, and in particular Toronto, from becoming “the best tech hub in the world.”

Zifkin says that while Canada’s tech sector has great potential, the country’s potential alone cannot take its position as a global tech hub to the next level.

“We have built a great name for ourselves because of our potential. We have scaling companies that can make it big. We are at the epicenter of AI, the theme of the day. We have programs, a community, and government that can differentiate us from other places,” said Zifkin. “These are all important. This type of potential is what makes people pay attention. This is critical. It makes it easier to recruit people here, easier to access capital, and we are less likely to be seen ‘just a Canadian company.’ But potential alone does not sustain this.”

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