Next Founders twin sisters tackle textile waste with children’s clothing company Nudnik

Dec 17, 2018

Being twins, best friends and business partners means that for Alexandra and Lindsay Lorusso, off the clock doesn’t happen very often. Just the other day they made plans to meet for a glass of wine.

“We said, okay, this is a sisters’ night, not a work thing,” says Lindsay, “and then five minutes later we’re having this intense discussion about supply chain.”

In fairness, there has been a lot to talk about since the sisters, both thirty-six, launched Nudnik, a line of stylish and sustainable children’s clothing, in 2016. Last year, they were accepted into the Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation at Ryerson University. They recently debuted the world’s first negative waste t-shirt via a Kickstarter campaign, which as of October 29, had raised over $7,500.

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