NEXT Canada CEO Sheldon Levy wants to kickstart innovation in health care

Jun 19, 2018

Sheldon Levy is thinking about the future of health care.

Best known for his transformative tenure as president of Ryerson University, Levy has for the last year and a half served as CEO of the the non-profit startup incubator NEXT Canada.

He has big plans to expand operations to Montreal and western Canada, and just recently moved the operation into a larger office space that can house all of its startups.

But, sitting in his new corner office at the corner of Bloor and Church streets in downtown Toronto, it’s NEXT Health that gets him really excited.

“If this ever was able to take off, everything else becomes minimized,” he said, in an exclusive interview with the Financial Post.

Levy was careful with his words, because the idea is still in development, but he said shortly after he started at NEXT Canada, he was approached by a group of hospital administrators who wanted help bringing innovative ideas and technology to Canada’s healthcare sector.

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