Next 36 National Selection Weekend 2019

Dec 11, 2018

With another Next 36 cohort coming to an end a new one begins. This month, 78 of the nation’s top innovators and entrepreneurs arrived in Toronto to claim their finalist spots at the 9th Annual Next 36 National Selection Weekend (NSW). Hailing from 30 schools across Canada and with over 35 languages spoken between them, the finalists arrived ready to embark on a 3-day journey of intensive learning, connecting, and building the foundation of their future startups.

Day 1: Great Expectations

As the finalists arrived at the Royal Conservatory of Music, the room began to fill with nervous excitement. NEXT Canada CEO, Sheldon Levy welcomed our guests and shared the company’s mission by stating, “at NEXT Canada, we believe in empowering young people and giving them the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. Thank you to our phenomenal partners for always believing in NEXT and our mission to promote entrepreneurship in Canada.”

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