Next 36 alum venture Orello are setting their sights on the seeds of the aging population

Apr 02, 2018

A growing number of startups are applying some innovative thinking to addressing the needs of the aging population. From mobile apps and tracking solutions that help seniors remain at home to assistive devices that allow them to maintain their independence, there is no shortage of ideas coming out of accelerators and incubators these days.

Frank Rudzicz, a scientist with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute–UHN (University Health Network) says the aging population market is ripe for innovation, and investors are taking notice. This is being helped considerably with the advent of AI, machine learning, IoT, robotics and other important underlying technologies.

“There are simply not enough facilities or resources to manage the needs of older adults,” he says. “We need technologies that can keep people in their homes longer, identify early warning signs of dementia, or monitor movement in the home.”

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