N36'er Sage Franch Headlines RBC #FutureMakers Event on ‘Singularity-Proofing’ Your Career

May 31, 2018

On June 5, RBC’s Tech Community Team is hosting an event aimed at helping people understand how emerging technology will impact their careers.

At FutureMakers Talks: Future-Proofing Your Tech Career, attendees will have the opportunity to network and learn about preparing for a future of work that includes machine learning, AI, and cybersecurity.

“In the past, RBC’s FutureMakers Talks have covered a wide range of emerging tech topics like blockchain and machine learning, so we thought that the next event should focus on how to prepare for careers in these tech areas and new emerging ones,” said Alison Gibbins, director of tech community engagement at RBC. “Experienced tech professionals are adept at learning new skills for the tech platforms they currently work on but need to be prepared to master whole new skill sets. We’ve received an overwhelming response to our call for speakers, and have selected people with unique career journeys in leading areas like blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and location intelligence.”

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