N36'er and Brizi’s Anna Hu on the importance of diversity

Jul 03, 2018

Building a diverse culture internally and looking outwards have helped Brizi, a platform that allows sports fans to take group photos with a robotic camera at games, build a global company from their base in Toronto.

A stint in Boston’s Techstars accelerator wasn’t enough to convince Toronto startup Brizi to stay south of the border. It came down to diversity, something Anna Hu, CEO, and co-founder of the company, says she felt is championed with such veracity north of the border that it was too hard to leave behind.

“Everyone knows what diversity creates,” says Hu. Programs like Express Entry, which helps skilled immigrants fast-track the move to Canada, drive an inclusivity that fuels a vibrant startup ecosystem. And Brizi – a platform that allows sports fans to take control of a robotic camera at big-ticket events to snap high-res photos of their group – thrives off that diversity.

Their 12-person team is a prime example.

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