N36 venture Supports Health: a big venture inspired by personal pain

Aug 10, 2018

Despite the growing visibility and acceptance of mental health issues, the family or friends who provide a bulk of the support to those struggling with depression and anxiety appear to be forgotten by the healthcare system. Who is providing them with the support and education to be effective in their role and safeguard their own wellbeing? The answer is very few. Morgan Rosenberg, an HBA ’15 and participant in NEXT Canada’s “NEXT 36” program, is striving to change that with his venture, Supports Health.

In 2015, life was falling into place for Morgan Rosenberg. He was months away from finishing his Ivey HBA and had met someone special.

However, he soon discovered that his partner was struggling with depression and anxiety. Out of the blue, Rosenberg had to transition to being her primary caregiver. With little support, education or training, Rosenberg’s health started to deteriorate and he developed depression himself.

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