N36 alum venture Kira Talent's warning about school admissions fraud fell on deaf ears for years

Mar 27, 2019

Academic admissions fraud has been in the spotlight after federal prosecutors in the US indicted 50 people for allegedly bribing college sports coaches, test proctors, and other individuals to help get their children admitted to elite American universities.

“Once we started looking into [fraud], it was like Pandora’s Box. We realized it was a huge industry.”

The brazen methods wealthy parents, celebrities, and business leaders have used to pay the way for their children to get into ‘the best schools money can buy’ has been shocking, but the news came as no surprise at all to Toronto’s Kira Talent, a cloud-based admissions solution startup that has been trying to bring a spotlight to admission fraud for years.

Kira Talent was founded in 2012 by Emilie Cushman and Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski, who originally thought the company’s timed video and written assessments platform would be a good fit for human resources. Both recent university graduates, the two quickly realized their solution could help tackle a larger problem, “one-dimensional higher education admissions processes.”

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