My Next 36 journey: embracing vulnerability in entrepreneurship

Nov 27, 2018

Mariam Awara is a Next 36 2018 alumni and Co-Founder of Accommodine. Accommodine is a trusted source to help consumers around the world gain knowledge about their food instantly.

As I sit here and reflect on my journey during the Next 36 program — starting from National Selection weekend in December to Venture Day in August — I realize how transformative this experience has been for me. As an engineering graduate, I found the technical business & economics learnings highly valuable, allowing me to apply my evolving business acumen to my Next 36 venture. However, aside from exposure to these invaluable technical learnings in classes taught by top entrepreneurs and professors, I realized upon reflecting on my personal growth that my Next 36 experience has highlighted the importance of one big thing, namely, the importance of embracing vulnerability in entrepreneurship.

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