Meet the smart waste management devs who won NextAI’s Top Venture award

Sep 28, 2017

It already takes a special kind of intelligence to design a waste disposal bin that automatically recognizes whether someone has thrown away a recyclable or trash, but Hassan Murad and Vivek Vyes went a step further.

The Vancouver-based developers, whose company Intuitive Inc. won the award for Best Venture at non-profit startup booster Next Canada’s NextAI Venture Day on Sept. 20, have designed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based bin that not only detects whether someone has thrown away trash or recyclables and stores it in the appropriate receptacle, but collects information about it along the way.

Considering around 73 per cent of waste produced by Canadian households is sent to landfills – and around 75 per cent of it is recyclable – the environmental benefits are obvious. But it’s the data-gathering component – a necessity to make Intuitive’s business model viable, since recycling is actually more expensive than diverting waste to landfill – that really sets the company apart.

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