Make sure AI is right for your business before taking the plunge

Apr 17, 2018

“AI is the next big thing,” your boss tells you. “Go out and get me some of that AI.” What do you do? Is AI something you can just go out and purchase? Is it like a robot you can buy and then just plug in and put it to work? To read the popular press on the coming AI revolution and the opportunity or threat that AI is coming for jobs, you could be forgiven for having that notion. But that is far from the reality of artificial intelligence today. Instead, as with many technologies, AI does one thing really well. You need to understand what that is and where it fits in before you can “get some AI.”

That one thing is prediction. Prediction is part of intelligence. We predict the day’s weather so as to decide what clothes to wear. We predict a person’s emotional state when we see a facial expression and decide what to say next. And we predict marketing effectiveness when we choose the words that will best persuade a customer to buy a product.

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