How Next 36 alum venture Kira Talent wants to change how we think about academic admissions

Jun 14, 2019

Imagine you're an admissions officer at a university and you are deluged by hundreds of transcripts and cover letters. How can you properly assess the applicants beyond the numbers and carefully thought-out bios?

You want to also customize the kind of content you receive from students seeking admission to your school. Maybe you want some videos to see how a performing-arts hopeful reacts to questions on being open on stage. Maybe you think math-program applicants could benefit from analyzing graphs on the fly and answering questions in a timed written assessment.

Yorkville-based Kira Talent has been adding these layers of technology to their software they sold to more than 250 schools, around three-quarters of them based in the U.S.

“The way many schools still do admissions, it's still just applicants sending in paper, the way it's always been,” says Emilie Cushman, CEO and founder of Kira Talent. She explains how admissions officers don't have anything interactive or unique to learn more about applicants.

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