From catch to kitchen: N36 venture Coastline Market Inc. reels in data on seafood supply chain

Aug 01, 2018

On any given day you might find Robert Kirstiuk at the docks on the west coast, visiting with fish harvesters to check out their catch of the day.

Kirstiuk is not a chef or an inspector. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Coastline Market Inc. in Vancouver, one of a growing number of startups set on tackling supply-chain challenges in the seafood industry.

The industry has long been challenged when it comes to chain of custody, particularly relating to products from outside Canada’s borders, he explains. Mislabelling of products and underweighting, among other practices, have created a need for more scrutiny than ever. “Chain of custody is incredibly important,” he says.

Coastline Market’s cloud-based service is designed to help simplify that chain by allowing commercial harvesters to connect directly with restaurants and other businesses.

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