Every Brand Needs A Voice Skill: Interview With Voiceflow’s Braden Ream

Apr 12, 2019

Smart speakers are the so-called talk of the town since the launch of Google Home and the arrival of Amazon Alexa in Canada. As of 2018, 15% of Canadian homes have a smart speaker and that number is only set to rise in 2019. You may have snagged your own Google Home Mini this week when they launched a partnership with Spotify giving away free speakers to Spotify’s premium subscribers (our office was all over this offer!).

With this growing popularity and all of this buzz around smart speakers comes this question all us marketing and PR types want to know: can my brand leverage voice? In short, the answer is yes. We chatted with Braden Ream, CEO and Co-founder of Voiceflow, to learn more about what you should know before building your brand’s voice skill, how you can track and measure success, and how voice technology can help you brush your teeth better.

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