80 women and non-binary people in Canadian tech worth following

Mar 12, 2019

Congratulations to our Next 36 and Next Founders alumni including Janelle Hinds, Maayan Ziv, Alyssa Atkins and Jacqueline Cook for being selected.

For International Women’s Day, BetaKit has highlighted some of the many women in Canada’s tech community building strong companies, creating strong networks, and taking no bullshit. Amplify their voices.

This list began in 2017 with 30 names and has grown each year. This year, our focus was to expand beyond Toronto, and amplify voices from across Canada. In the interest of inclusivity, we have also decided to include people with other underrepresented genders, such as non-binary people, on this list.

The collective response to this project and our request for suggestions has been overwhelming. We were not prepared for the outpouring of enthusiasm!

It must be stated that this is not a definitive list! On this matter, BetaKit is not and cannot be the final word. In addition to the people found below, we’d like to highlight resources created by the DMZ, Women and Color, FinTech Growth Syndicate, Ria Lupton and RC Woodmass (who can be found on this list!), as well as this list by Twitter of influential female voices.

We also encourage you to continue to share in the comments below and on social media the women in the Canadian tech community that you’re celebrating today.

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