5 feminist brands that make giving back to women a year-round initiative

Mar 13, 2019

Shop Bon Temps is co-founded by Next 36'er Ali Ogston and Next Founder William Yin.

They give their thoughts on why we need to support women every single day

Every International Women's Day, we're presented with a practically infinite number of ways that brands attempt to capitalize off the occasion, whether it's by promising to donate $5 from a specific T-shirt or give 10 percent of proceeds from an entire day of sales. And while we're happy that some money is going to a good cause, it makes us even happier when brands don't just celebrate women on one day, but on all of them.

And so, we chatted with five brands that span the fashion, beauty, and wellness spheres that do exactly this. Get to know each brand, and find out why they think International Women's Day initiatives need to be taken beyond March 8, below.

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