UDIO’s vision is agricultural intelligence, which embraces uniqueness of each farm and helps to optimize the complexity of the operations in order to produce the most efficient results and the highest crop yields. Farmers today are facing a great challenge: they have to produce more for growing population, yet use less water, less fertilizers, etc. UDIO is helping to solve this challenge. UDIO’s solution is software that provides the insight for a farmer and understanding of ‘so-what’, the meaning, of the collected data. The solution is mobile and web-based. It involves the use local weather stations data, data collection from farmers’ actions, historical data on costs and yields, and any other data available on the farm or from other entities. This data is analysed and processed to provide useful information on how to improve the yield of crops and optimize the operations. Today, farmers are overwhelmed by the available data, and it is essential to provide what the data means for them. UDIO's first product, water management, is a mobile app and web platform. The solution is a decision making tool, that allows farmer to track amount of water for every field, project an irrigation schedule for a farmer, ultimately freeing up their time. UDIO’s software helps to identify over- and under-irrigation leading to water savings and yield increase.

Katya Kudashkina

Founder, UDIO Ag Tech Inc.