The Greenlid

Collecting organic waste in the kitchen is often messy and unpleasant. To increase participation, many municipalities allow the use of plastic or “compostable” bag liners. Unfortunately these bags often collapse in on themselves and leak, creating a mess that needs to be cleaned after every use. The Greenlid is the first organic waste container that can be completely disposed of and composted, effectively eliminating the mess from composting and removing the need for plastic bag liners. Autom River Inc. is the creator and manufacturer of The Greenlid, the first fully compostable compost bin. It's made from 100% end-of-life recycled cardboard and paper and is made leak-resistant through Autom River’s proprietary no-leak formulation. Using the Greenlid is easy! Just fill it, seal it with the supplied compostable paper lid and place it in your outdoor collection bin or even your home compost pile then immediately replace it with a fresh new container! The Greenlid is manufactured by Autom River in Canada and is currently sold through Canadian retail stores, online, municipalities and waste management companies.