Miraz Manji


Miraz Manji is the co-founder of TLAC Studios and recent winner of the Toronto Region Board of Trade Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award. He studied commerce and computer science at the University of Toronto. His father and father in-law are both engineers and he self taught himself robotic engineering.

TLAC Studios is at the leading edge of 3D printing and sensor based enchanted objects. They engineer proprietary systems & prototypes that make a team of five as productive as a team of fifty. Their innovative devices focus on improving productivity in food & manufacturing industries.

TLAC Studios grew out of a larger business, bootstrapped by publishing sales. Last month their book publishing & event printing plant (run by a team of 5) became #1 worldwide on Google. They are considering expanding to 25 locations across Canada. Their proceeds in part support SickKids. Miraz is on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mi...