Visishta Vijayanand

University of Waterloo, Political Science and Business, 2017

Visishta is a graduate of University of Waterloo Honours Political Science and Business (June 2017) and also a Shopify and Hubspot Digital Marketing partner (Aug 2017). I love everything entrepreneurship! I have an idea to create a world where women have equality in fashion.  Specifically, pockets.  Women constantly struggle with nowhere to put their phone, wallet, keys etc. in their daily outfits. Poche Posh aims to revolutionize women's clothing by having real pockets in every single style. I am passionate about digital media marketing and e-commerce. I see this as the future of how our economy will progress. That is why I am excited to join a group of young entrepreneurs and discuss the challenges of day and ways to fix them.   

Poche Posh