Morgan Rosenberg

Western University, Business, 2015

I’m an avid learner and thinker, excited to explore the intersections of people, operations, and strategy. After dabbling in Computer Science and Philosophy, I graduated with an HBA from the Ivey Business School.  I have since acquired 3 years of strategy and operations consulting experience across Canada. During this time, I also built deep global networks through one of the organizations I worked with – AIESEC, which has 120,000 active brand advocates. Most recently, I worked for London, Ontario’s Regional Innovation Centre, coaching over 150 startups on business strategy, marketing and HR, many of whom have successfully scaled their business to sell multinationally. Presently, I am working full-time on my new start-up, Supports Health, which supports the caregivers of those struggling with mood disorders. Outside of my professional life, I love anything in the realms of health, fitness and cuisine (cooking, baking, coffee, beer, wine, you name it), and I'm always excited for a good competition. 

Supports Health