Michael Hood

Queens University, Commerce, 2018

I love building new things- starting with a blank artboard, or early-stage prototype and converting it into a final product that provides delight to customers. 

Professionally, I’ve spent my summers working for startups that exhibit the same passion for building and innovating that I do; personally, I’m a creative that enjoys pushing boundaries and learning skills that will allow me to solve problems both in my life and others.

With professional experience in product management, web-design, front-end development, e-commerce, crowdfunding, video production, photography and social ads specializing in retargeting- I present a skill set that can complement any high functioning team. I find myself most comfortable while leading a creative team comprised of talented and passionate individuals.

Currently, I’m finishing my degree at the Queen’s School of Business focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship while simultaneously leading the creative team at LaunchPop- a startup that partners with entrepreneurs to launch their product in a big and bold way. Most recently, we helped Morning Recovery, a hangover solution created by a former Tesla engineer raise over a quarter million dollars on Indiegogo.

With a visceral passion for entrepreneurship, coupled with the unique skill-set I offer, I’m always looking for the right idea and team to execute on a big idea.