e-Mosquito is a medical technology startup company focusing on developing autonomous and minimally-invasive blood glucose monitoring devices which aim to replace finger-pricking tests in diabetes management. e-Mosquito was incorporated in September 2017. Our team includes biomedical engineers and medical doctors that have extensive clinical and industry experience.  The company’s lead product candidate, the e-Mosquito, is a wearable device for autonomous and minimally-invasive blood glucose monitoring. Utilizing a proprietary skin lancing actuation technology, the e-Mosquito can autonomously collect a whole blood sample from capillary vessels below the skin and immediately read its glucose concentration. The readings are wirelessly transmitted to the user’s smartphone for display and storage.   A series of pilot human tests were completed in 2017 and 2018, that have proven the feasibility of this approach. We believe that the e-Mosquito device has the potential to become the future platform for blood glucose measurements.

Cal Wilkes

University of Calgary, Electrical Engineering, 2019