Daniel D’Souza

McMaster University, Life Science, 2017

Daniel is a recent graduate of McMaster University with a variety of experiences from research to event planning. Most recently challenged with the task of forwarding Hamilton's innovation culture, Daniel has founded a not-for-profit company known as 'HacktheCity' in partnership with McMaster University, IBM, and a number of other corporate and institutional stakeholders aimed at generating new start-ups targeted at the healthcare industry. Currently, Daniel represents over 22 000 undergraduate students as the Vice President (Finance) of the McMaster Students Union. Responsible for managing a 15 million dollar budget, 40 full-time staff, and 27 different departments, Daniel has developed exceptional management skills and has a keen eye for good ideas. 

With a mix of corporate and start-up experience, Daniel is looking to continue innovating in the fields of healthcare and technology with a specific interest in the challenges and opportunities of an aging population.