Abdurakhman (Abdul) Smazov

Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Simon Fraser University 2017

Abdurakhman Smazov, also known as Abdul, is passionate about creating innovative solutions that help solve real life problems. He specializes in Mechatronics Systems Engineering and has extensive experience working with wireless technology, engine assembly and manufacturing. His knowledge extends to 3D prototyping, CNC machining and mechanical design.   Currently, Abdul is a Co-Founder of Orello Hearing Technologies, a health technology startup that offers the only custom fit and user controlled hearing aid that allows users to take care of their own hearing healthcare. Abdul has also been involved with engineering clubs at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he exercised and developed his programming skills in Arduino. He also built hands-on skills in the SFU satellite club and successfully launched their first weather balloon to near space, tracking it using a GPS locator with a radio receiver. His notable efforts will help the satellite club be a strong competitor in upcoming international space engineering competitions.  

Abdul strongly believes that free time should be invested in self-development, so he also makes room in his schedule to read books, learn languages and run a Language Exchange Startup.