Wilder & Harrier

Wilder and Harrier (previously Hexa Foods Inc.) develops, manufactures and sells eco-friendly and radically sustainable food products made with edible insects. Its first brand, BugBites, premium dog treats made with cricket flour, are made using only only natural and recognizable ingredients, without any preservatives or artificial flavourings. While being the most sustainable product in its category, BugBites also fills the gap for healthy and hypoallergenic foods in a steadily growing pet food industry valued at about $7 billion in Canada and $63 billion in the US, with the organic/natural segment expected to grow three times as fast as traditional products in upcoming years. BugBites products are available in premium pet food retailers and online, through a monthly online subscription model.

Paul Shenouda

Masters, innovation management (industrial engineering), École Polytechnique de Montréal, 2016