Robert Kirstiuk

Physics and Economics, Western University, 2016

Robert Kirstiuk is in his third year of Physics and Economics at Western University. Last summer he was selected as a participant in the Ontario Global Edge Program that facilitates exposure to entrepreneurship in small to medium sized companies in a global economy. This resulted in the opportunity to work for an Indian national solar energy company, where he led a product expansion effort while also conducting research regarding photovoltaic energy consumption. This experience coupled with travels abroad has given him exposure to the challenges of integrating technology in the lives of different cultural groups. Prior to India, Robert worked for a Silicon Valley-based educational technology company and a web development company. Robert accumulated great experiences after starting an entrepreneurial venture in high school and this venture ignited a passion for entrepreneurship that has remained with him since. Additional skills that he possesses include: business development, financial analysis, data analysis and project management. Outside of work and his studies, Robert can be found hiking, backpacking or running on any available day of the year.

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