Mend is a health care assistant that was created to improve the level of efficiency and effectiveness in the health care system. From patient on-boarding through to final treatment, Mend offers physicians a variety of tools to streamline patient care. While patients sit in a waiting room Mend collects the rudimentary and repetitive, but necessary data common to any visit with a physician. Mend is then able to deliver the results and accompanying analysis to physicians before even seeing their patient. Mend's AI-driven diagnosis tool assists doctors in correctly identifying a patient's illness, while ensuring nothing is overlooked. The application also helps doctors correctly prescribe treatment while considering complexities like drug interactions, and a patient's medical history. By handling the tedious, time-consuming procedures, Mend gives doctors more time to focus on the high value, complex stuff.

David Del Balso

Commerce & Computer Science, Queens University at Kingston (Queens University), 2017

Matthew Mazzuca

Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies and Finance, Ryerson University, 2017