Hannes Filler

Software Engineering, Western University, 2017

Hannes Filler is a Software Engineering student currently working at Big Viking Games as a developer. He is going into his fourth year at Western University. Most recently, Hannes has helped Organize Hack Western where he facilitated tech and helped organize mentorship for the event. He also won the Western Engineering Competition programming division and represented Western at the Ontario Engineering Competition. During the several hackathons he has attended, Hannes has completed independent projects on a wide variety of platforms. This includes making web servers on LEMP and MEAN stacks, and creating web apps built with Unity, React, Angular, Three.js, Java and Pebble. When not programming, Hannes sings bass in 2 choirs, and ballroom dances. He is currently working on a social media game called YoWorld, where he develops new features, maintains databases, and implements bug fixes for a large community of players.