Gavin Servai

Computer Software Engineering, The University of British Columbia, 2016

Gavin is an entrepreneur at heart; he has lived his life in the pursuit of creation. With a wide range of hobbies, including music, animation, and programming, he has a knack for bridging the gap between different fields. He is a natural leader and go-getter, having coordinated many events and fundraisers. These experiences communicating with media, seeking sponsorships, and managing volunteers have developed both his public relations and management skills. When it comes to technology startups, Gavin’s skillset is diverse. Aged 18, he established his own web contracting business, where he honed his client relationship, customer acquisition, and contractor acquisition skills. The subsequent year, he founded AnimeScrape, a product that transforms ordinary websites into automated video streaming websites. Taking this project from inception to a revenue generating business required a self-taught knowledge of design, user experience, marketing, and SEO.  During his time at Invoke Labs, a startup incubator, Gavin has had the opportunity to contribute to many aspiring startups. He’s seen both the technical and non-technical issues that businesses face, and has soaked in the advice of many budding CEO’s. During his time at Hootsuite, he played a significant role in scaling up a newly acquired startup - a process that can’t be learned in school. Through constantly throwing himself into passion projects and entrepreneurial environments, Gavin knows what it takes to plan, implement, launch, promote, and scale a technology startup.

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