Ashish Ghosh

Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto, 2016

Ashis Ghosh is currently in his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto. He is passionate about building and creating ideas while undertstanding that the best ones have a sharp strategic focus but far reaching implications. In his undergrad he explored his interest in technology by organizing and undertaking several ambitious projects ranging from creating a complete robotic simulation to leading a team to build a 10ft tall hybrid engine sounding rocket. One of his main principles is that strong projects need a strong driving force, to that end Ashis has developed his strategy and management skills though a recent internship as a project coordinator at Bombardier Aerospace and the co-president of his university’s management consulting association. When not working on one of his current projects or looking to start a new one, Ashis can be found reading, playing guitar, or watching the latest B-rated horror movie.