Alyssa Spagnolo

Bachelor of Commerce, Queen's University, 2016

Alyssa is a fourth year Commerce student at Queen’s University with a focus on Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Management. Her proudest accomplishments to date include co-leading the re-ratification and redeployment of the QACE Entrepreneurship conference, excelling in a manager level role in sales forecasting at Mars Chocolate – upholding the standard level forecast accuracy on $200M worth of inventory – and planning and executing the launch of the 787 Boeing for Air Canada. She is passionate about leadership, and is a mentor for the Queen's Marketing Association and Commerce orientation leader. Additionally, some of her most enriching experiences have included spending the day with the CEO of the CFL as part of the CEO x 1 day program and spending a semester abroad in Slovenia.

Her greatest joy in life is to learn and try new things – from taking up longboarding, to learning to paint, to getting back into ballet. She finds passion and excitement in everything she does, and loves people and things that are different, interesting, and challenge her to see the world in a different light.