Ali Ogston

Founder AVO Solutions

While she may not have the killer left hook of her boxing namesake, Ali does ‘sting’ with the same gusto and energy that Muhammad was known for. As an OCAD University graduate, she knows that thinking outside the box isn’t just a nice skill to have, it’s the only one worth having. In early 2015 she brought her first startup idea to the Queen’s Startup Summit, winning 1st place and a $5,000 award from a prestigious judging panel. Since then she’s been wild about entrepreneurship-- whether it’s working for a startup, or launching her own. Her guilty pleasure is travelling, which has taken her to exciting jobs all over India and Hong Kong; while her adventurous spirit has also led her to The Cansbridge Fellowship, a dynamic network of entrepreneurs across Canada that has taught her the value of working with a diverse team. Ali strongly believes that when you introduce creative thinkers to the world of business, magic happens. She intends to show you how.