Switchboard is an integrated fleet management platform that allows shippers to seamlessly find, hire and pay pre-verified trucking companies. Shippers are able to post loads to Switchboard, allowing them to save up to 40% as a result of bypassing any intermediary third- party logistics provider. Our platform is integrated with each truckers mobile device so the driver and package is tracked every mile of the way, providing approximate arrival times, security and assurance for the shipper. Once the package is delivered and verified via mobile location, payment is released by means of our backend infrastructure and allocated accordingly to each driver responsible for delivering the package.

Sagar Malhi

Engineering Physics, The University of British Columbia, 2015

Michael Ip

Engineering Physics, The University of British Columbia, 2015

Dhaman Rakhra

International Bachelor of Business Administration, Schulich School of Business, York University, 2014

Gursher Sidhu

Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Simon Fraser University, 2015