Door-to-Door (“D2D”) sales campaigns remain one of the more effective marketing strategies for home services. Nonetheless the D2D sales channel has its challenges: (i) technology is outdated with most sales people still using pen and paper to record, track, and analyse their lead information, and (ii) employee turnover is high due to the uninspiring nature of the D2D sales role. Some D2D representatives have progressed to using market-available applications that attempt to attack these challenges, but even these applications lack the data and behavioural science rigour that can result in significant performance increases. Gauge allows representatives to collect lead information electronically via iOS and/or Android. D2D team managers can conveniently review all of the recorded data and KPIs as visualized in a web portal in real-time. From all of the data gathered, sales managers can derive actionable insights and plan for the future. Gauge also enhances the experience for D2D sales representatives by incorporating cutting-edge gamification techniques to help representatives perform at their peak levels and surpass their expectations.

Michael Reid

Management Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2016

Dimitry Galamiyev

Industrial Design, OCAD University, 2015

Jeremy Tupper

Computer Science, Dalhousie University, 2014