Vokko is a new way to share your thoughts and ideas with people in your organization. Today, over 72% of individuals hold back from sharing their true thoughts and ideas in the workplace. This communication problem is a ‘silent killer’ that leads to employee disengagement, which costs US companies $450 BB each year. Vokko offers a mobile application that enables users to share their thoughts and ideas with other users of their organization anonymously. Posts are delivered to a handful of randomly selected users at first. When users like a post, it multiplies and spreads to more users. The most interesting posts can travel across an entire organization. This consumer-centric combination of anonymity, randomness and virality gives Vokko levels of user engagement that other tools are unable to reach. Any organization can claim their Vokko network and gain access to deep data analytics by purchasing a subscription service.

Chenny Xia

Co-founder, JourneyCX

Winston Zhang

Commerce, Queen's University, 2014

Victor Zhang

Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, 2014