Jaclyn Ling

Finance and Entrepreneurship, McGill University, 2014

Jaclyn loves a good story, whether it’d be learning from someone else’s or retelling a comical one. Coupling her innate entrepreneurial nature and her passion for fashion has created a unique story that started with growing her own fashion YouTube channel, and has lead her to building a fashion tech company today. In between, she built a purse brand that sold to customers in over 19 countries and an online fashion consulting service where she served clients in the UK, Australia and the US. The climax of her story so far has been networking her way into New York Fashion Week, being captured in a photo with Paris Hilton, taking a tour of the Chanel headquarters, personally meeting Bonnie Brooks and being featured in the Globe & Mail for pursuing a big business venture. To her, fashion has always been a way to uniquely stand out, and entrepreneurship has always been a path that she believes will enable her to design her epilogue in any way that she wishes.