Willie Kwok

Computer Science, Microbiology, Immunology, University of British Columbia, 2013

Willie Kwok is a fourth year science student at the University of British Columbia specializing in computational biology and informatics, with a focus on high dimensional statistics, data mining, and machine learning. As part of his Honours Thesis at the Center For High-Throughput Biology, his research focused on applying computational algorithms to find the genetic susceptibility of Autism Spectrum Disorders which resulted in multiple publications and awards. Willie is also active on the community side, having received a grant from the Chapman Community Service Fund to successfully implement a recreational program for seniors in Vancouver’s downtown east side. Willie is currently an Entrepreneur Intern on mobile health solutions with Vodafone xone – A business incubator in Silicon Valley for the world’s largest multinational network operator. He has successfully prepared strategic venture investments for partner startups, served as project manager for portfolio companies, and performed business and technical due diligence for prospective partners.