Jarad Plato

Health Science, Premed, Economics, Bishop's University, 2013

Jarad is planning to graduate this year with a B.Sc in Health Science and Pre-medicine with a minor in Economics. Jarad’s drive for excellence is seen through his academic awards and achievements, among other awards, he is a recipient of the provincial Millennium Scholarship for leadership and community initiative and the Australian DEEWR Endeavour Scholarship. When not involved with the student government or studying, Jarad is coaching, captaining and coordinating the Men’s Soccer Team at Bishop’s University. Jarad is responsible for fostering a cohesive soccer team and creatively raising funds with a goal of becoming a full varsity soccer team. Jarad has developed merchandise, held multiple community fundraising events and has his sights set on sponsorships and new alumni-focused fundraising opportunities. Over the last 10 years through seizing opportunities Jarad has taught or coached over 10 different sports; managing competitive teams, developing leadership and forming cohesive groups. Following this path Jarad recently managed a sailing camp and club in the summer of 2012.