Penyo Pal

Focused on the edu-tech market, Penyo Pal creates engaging learning experiences for kids and kids at heart – dubbed by its co-founders as "edu-play-tion". Learning French, English and Mandarin is made fun with virtual pets as a guide, via an app that is downloadable onto a tablet or smartphone. With Penyo Pal, you can "Get your kids practising their vocabulary with Penyo Pal stories and games. No nagging necessary". During the 2012 cohort Penyo Pal achieved a great deal of traction and venture success. They won the $5K top prize in the annual Queen's University Paul and Tom Kinnear Business Plan Competition held in March 2012, and in June, Penyo Pal Penyo was named “The Best Overall 1.0 Startup" when they launched onstage at Microsoft in Silicon Valley. They were one of eight stealth startups, selected from over 300, and the only Canadian startup that was given the opportunity to launch onstage. As the 2012 cohort concluded on Venture Day, co-founder Jane Wu was elected 2012 valedictorian by her N36 peers, while Rafal Dittwald was honoured with the Satchu Prize. Penyo Pal is currently managed by Rafal, and is based in Toronto.

Rafal Dittwald

Engineering Science, University of Toronto, 2012

Ryan Wagner

Nanotechnology Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2012

Jane Wu

Commerce, Queen's University, 2012

Jessica Fan

Interaction Design, Business Administration, Simon Fraser University, 2012